Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tease from STRANGERS

The door creaked open slowly, as the wedding planner peeked her head around, and Abby released her breath and started to leave the room.  Her father was asked to come out into the hall for a moment, leaving Abby to stand alone, in her white dress, with her white bouquet of flowers, and her red garter discreetly hidden away.  

Her father returned; a grim look on his face.  Even now, Abby struggled to recall exactly the words he spoke to her; only able to remember the rush of emotions that propelled her out the door, down the steps of the church to the white Rolls Royce limousine that made its way hastily to the emergency room.  She went to him, over the vehement objections of the doctors and nurses.  She grasped his hand, looked into his eyes, and demanded that he be okay.  Trevor returned her gaze, looked past her eyes, into her heart and settled in her soul. And he told her that he loved her, and then closed his eyes forever.


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