Who I Am

I am just starting in crazy world of writing and publishing. Lately, however, there are just too many characters in my head begging me to tell their stories...so here I am.  Writing, publishing, sharing and, hopefully, entertaining.  I love a great love story, but really want to tell a story with an edge; characters who are imperfect, trying to find the perfect love.

I have contributed a short story to Wordhaus, and hope to be able to get more stories submitted.  My full length novel was a part of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, making it to the quarter-finals.  It was an amazing experience; met some wonderful authors, received excellent feedback and great reviews.  The novel is now being re-worked, and will hopefully be ready for publication by the end of the year.

I also contribute to SheReadsNewAdult, dedicated to the emerging new adult romance genre.  We have great fun over there...be sure to check us out!

I currently live outside Washington D.C. with my family. We spend many hours exploring the area and the deep history of this beautiful land, while experiencing as much of life's wonders as possible. I have traveled abroad and lived in almost every corner of the U.S., and hope my writing reflects various cultures, people, and places, so that your journey through my stories is enhanced.

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