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Interview with LISA RENEE JONES

Let's Chat with Best Selling Author


AL:  New Adult is an up-and-coming genre in the ever-expanding realm of romance.  Do you consider yourself a New Adult author?

LRJ:  I write many genres but romantic suspense is my core genre and while there are sub-genres almost all my stories have that element. 

AL:  Being Me, the second book in the Inside Out Trilogy, once again delves into BDSM.  What is it that makes you want to tackle this side of sexual expression?

LRJ:  Well it’s a part of who these characters are and they decided to take me there. It’s hard to explain but with this series, BDSM is such a core part of discovery for the characters. For someone else it might be a completely different outlet. For these characters though BDSM is a part of how they cope and deal with challenges as well as express themselves, and even learn about themselves. I often don’t decide where I’m going to go. My characters do and in this series this is what worked for them and a part of what defines them. In another series, that BDSM element might be more play and fun. It’s much deeper in this series.

AL:  Many may consider the “club” aspect of BDSM to be less than romantic.  What challenges did you face in bringing this particular area of BDSM into an already difficult romantic journey between Chris and Sara?

LRJ:  Well Chris and Sara never spend time at the club in a romantic way at all. It’s not romantic in this series. The club is where deep conflict and pain takes place in both book 1 and book 2. Chris however, shows Sara how BDSM can be romantic and it becomes about trust and discovery for them.

AL:  Mark is the ultimate bad boy we all know we should stay away from, but we never do. Will readers be able to quench their thirst for their favorite Master? 

themasterundoneLRJ:  Master Undone is in Mark’s POV and you will see a side of him you didn’t know exists but I have long known. I’m excited to finally get to show what is beneath his surface. This story is in his POV and it’s the beginning of a new journey for Mark. It takes place the day after BEING ME ends. 

AL:  Revealing Me, the final installment of the Inside Out trilogy, is set to release on September 10th. Can we get a glimpse into what Chris and Sara encounter moving to Paris?

revealing usLRJ:  Actually it’s not the final book. Book 4 and 5 have always been planned but I was going to make them a spinoff. With the TV show it makes sense to keep them as INSIDE OUT. Book 4 is still in Sara’s POV.Book 5 is in Mark’s POV and it’s his story.

I can’t say if Sara even goes to Paris in book 3 without giving away spoilers:(

AL:  And you have yet another book set to release on July 22nd; Escaping Reality. How does this story differ from the journeys faced by Chris and Sara?

  LRJ:  It’s very different. Amy is much younger than Sara in life experience and age. Liam Stone is very different than Chris and Mark. He’s more well adjusted. He’s dealt with his demons to some extent already. It is a mystery but this is a New Adult. The sex is hot but there is no journal, no art, no BDSM. 
It’s a complete new mystery. But I do think it will appeal to my INSIDE OUT readers.

AL:  What “lessons learned” would you offer writers venturing into this crazy career?

LRJ:  Well that is hard because the industry has changed so much but I am proof that never giving up pays off. Don’t quit. Keep going! Keep writing. And treat this like the business that it is. It’s not a hobby. It’s about making money for publishers and you have to remember that. That can be hard when your books are so close to your heart.

AL:  You seem to write 24 hours a day; do you have time to read?  What are you reading (or have recently completed)?

LRJ:  I listen to audio at the gym. I’m a gym rat. I do write 7 days a week and I take very little time off right now. But I love what I do and it’s a blessing to write for a living. I am working on part 2 of The Secret Life of Amy Bensen and then I’ll go straight into book 4 of the Inside Out series. 

Thanks for your time, Lisa!  We wish you continued success!!

Thanks for having me!

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  1. Great review Lisa and A.L. Always a pleasure reading about the author .

  2. Loved the interview I also love the walker brothers as well . I haven't had a chace to read any new ones yet .. But I have them on my wishlist to read

  3. Earl-Feliz PomeroyJuly 26, 2013 at 9:07 PM

    I haven't had a chace to read any new ones yet .. But I have them on my wishlist to read...Loved the interview I also love the walker brothers as well.....

    1. Thanks for commenting! I love the feedback, and am happy you enjoyed the interview.